Become a Literacy Champion for Peterborough Reads

11 Nov 2019
Andy Desa Literacy Champion reading for pleasure

We are looking for people across Peterborough to become Literacy Champions in their communities.

What is a Literacy Champion?

Literacy Champions have a passion to improve literacy in their community. They could be a parent, business professional, teacher, student, sports coach or anybody who is committed to making a different in their local area.

Why does Peterborough need Literacy Champions?

In 2019, less than two thirds (63.7%) of 11-year-olds in Peterborough achieved the expected level in reading at the end of primary school, compared to 73.8% nationally. This falls to less than half (48%) for children on free school meals.

Not being able to read, write or communicate well holds people back at every stage of their life. As a child they won’t be able to succeed at school, as a young adult they will be locked out of the job market, and on becoming a parent they won’t be able to support their child’s learning.

We need Literacy Champions to help us stop intergenerational literacy problems in Peterborough.

What will being a Literacy Champion involve?

You know your local community and the issues facing it better than anyone. As a Literacy Champion, you will be supported to run literacy projects in the way you think will work best.

You will have access to training, support and information from our Literacy Champions Project Officer, helping you to reach those in your community who need help most.

How do I become a Literacy Champion?

For more information contact Literacy Champions Officer, Emma Morton.