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Beastlands activity for Peterborough schools

jess french header

We hope that your pupils enjoyed meeting Jess French and finding out about her new book, Beastlands: Race to Frostfall Mountain.

Here are some suggested follow-up opportunities for your pupils which they may enjoy as part of a literacy unit or as a homework task.


Get your class to create their own beast, made up of body parts from other animals. It can be the head of a bird with legs of a zebra, tail of a whale and wings of a butterfly! These can be drawn and labelled, or cut out from printed pictures, like a collage.

Then, they can:

  • Create a fact-file for their own beast (appearance, habitat, diet etc)
  • Write a non-chronological report based on their own beast
  • Write an explanation about how to care for their beast
  • Write a persuasive letter to the headteacher about having their beast as the school pet
  • Write a newspaper article of a rare sighting of their beast
  • Write a descriptive poem/narrative poem about their beast
  • Write a recipe for their beast’s favourite meal

If you would like to share some of your pupils’ work with us, that would be amazing! Please choose six examples from your school and email these to to be published on our website. We will also send some books to celebrate the children's achievements.

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