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Peterborough Reads inspires families across the city to read together, and helps parents and carers to support their children’s literacy skills. We particularly work with early years professionals to improve early reading and writing skills, and to ease the transition between primary and secondary school.

In 2022 we have partnered with five primary schools who will support our campaign with evaluations and case studies in return for two years National Literacy Trust membership and free books, thanks to funding from Arts Council England.

  • Peterborough families

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    Fun activities and top literacy tips for Peterborough families.
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  • Peterborough schools

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    We support schools to improve their literacy levels, and encourage pupils to read and write in their own time.
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    Peterborough Reads is a community driven campaign, which means we need as many local businesses and people involved as possible.
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Success Stories

Since 2014, Peterborough Reads has campaigned to raise the importance of literacy levels to a child's life. Below are some of our highlight campaigns.

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