Help children with their reading

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Could you volunteer to help children read?
We're encouraging the people of Nottingham to support local children's reading.

Being a confident reader is the foundation of a happy, successful future, but not every child has enough support to get there. You could make a huge difference by volunteering to help children read.

There are opportunities to do this at a time and a place to suit you – such as in your local library or your local primary school.

Read with children in your local community

Read On Nottingham is searching for volunteers to help to improve literacy within their local community by becoming Literacy Champions.

As a Literacy Champion, you will:

  • Work in your local community spaces to implement ideas that help to improve literacy
  • Encourage the people you are working with to make reading part of their everyday lives and something they enjoy
  • Receive ongoing support to help your ideas develop and make sure they are practical and achievable

Read On Nottingham is looking for:

  • Parents, business professional, teacher, student, sports coach or anyone passionate about making a difference in their local area

Contact us by email to find out more.