Manchester Literacy Champions

Literacy Champions

As part of Read Manchester, we are looking for people in Manchester to become Literacy Champions in their local communities.

What is a Literacy Champion?

Literacy Champions want to help improve literacy in their community. You could be a parent, grandparent, business professional, teacher, student, retiree or anyone passionate about making a difference in their local area. You can support in person or online and we’ll provide training to get you up and running.

As families cope with the challenges of education disruptions and social distancing, Literacy Champions reach out to their communities, encouraging and inspiring them to engage with literacy.

Why does Manchester need Literacy Champions?

Not being able to read, write or communicate well holds people back at every stage of their life. As a child they won't be able to succeed at school, as a young adult they will be locked out of the job market, and on becoming a parent they won't be able to support their child's learning.

We need you to reach those in Manchester who need our help the most.

We want all people in Manchester to have a love for reading and it’s never too late to find that love.

What will being a Literacy Champion involve?

You know your local community and the issues facing it better than anyone. As a Literacy Champion, you will be supported to create your own literacy projects such as; setting up a story time, book club, writers’ group or a little library. You may also be able to help with existing projects such as; book gifting, look for a book, large- & small-scale events and more. If you love social media you can help to create and share pictures, vid have added some videos and advice through our social media and digital platforms. The level of involvement will be up to you, be it a few hours a month to a few hours a week, it’s entirely flexible and a great way to become a volunteer.

You will have access to training, support and information from the Read Manchester team and Helen Beesley the Read Manchester Project Officer who will help you to reach those in your community who need help most.

How do I become a Literacy Champion?

Email or fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch.