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The National Literacy Trust Hub in Bradford is branded Bradford Stories.

A range of partners work together to improve literacy levels in the city and promote reading, writing, speaking and listening. The campaign focuses on engaging dads in their child’s learning and improving boys’ writing.

Bradford Stories Festival

The Bradford Stories Festival is a celebration of the people, places and stories at the heart of Bradford’s communities.

Don’t miss the launch of the festival on Thursday 10 October 2019 at Kala Sangam.

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Inspiring Parents

We're inspiring families in Keighley and Tong & Bowling to fall in love with reading!

No-one is more important than parents and carers when it comes to your children’s education. That’s why they are at the heart of this upcoming campaign to make a difference in Keighley and Tong & Bowling.

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    Tips and activities to help you support your child’s literacy skills at all ages.

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    Use your business’ resources, reach and local knowledge to make a real impact.

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Highlights to date

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Engaging dads
Groups of dads and male carers regularly meet in children’s centres to share their experiences of using family services and talk about how they can champion the literacy support available to other fathers. A pilot programme increased male carer engagement from 15% to 18.5%.

Inspiring creative writing
A pilot of the Our Stories creative writing programme has resulted in the percentage of Year 6 pupils at the expected level of writing increasing from 46% to 92%. The programme fosters a love of poetry in children through visits from local role models, music workshops and cultural visits.

Improving writing attitudes
Partnerships with local festivals, events and poetry competitions inspired Bradford pupils to write. In 2015, 52.6% of Bradford’s young people aged 8 to 16 wrote daily outside of school, compared to 39.7% regionally and 44.1% nationally.

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