Get Blackpool Reading Literacy Champions

Peterborough families

Could you make a difference to literacy levels in Blackpool?

We are looking for volunteers in the local community who are passionate about literacy to help us improve literacy in Blackpool.

There are lots of ways you can get involved - whether it's online or in person.

What is a Literacy Champion?

Literacy Champions are locally-based volunteers who are keen to get involved and tackle the literacy challenge across Blackpool.

They may be parents, students, professionals or business owners, committed to taking action on local literacy in the home, in their workplace, in their community, and online.

As families cope with the challenges of school closures and social distancing, Digital Literacy Champions reach out to their communities online, encouraging and inspiring them to engage with literacy.

What you can do


  • Raise awareness of the Get Blackpool Reading Facebook page and website
  • Provide content for the Facebook page by sharing pictures, videos and advice
  • Share literacy messages and news on events through your social media accounts
  • Share photos of your favourite books or literary quotes through your personal social media accounts.
Create your own story cubes with Get Blackpool Reading!

Watch Melissa as she shows us how to create your own story cubes. Simply give them a roll to help you invent your own hilarious sentences and stories with your family. The possibilities are endless! ✂️ All you need is: 3 pieces of A4 paper, a pencil, a ruler, colouring pencils or felt tips, scissors and a stick of glue. We’d love to see your story cubes and find out what stories you’ve come up with. Let us know in the comments below! You can find a cube template to print off here:

Posted by Get Blackpool Reading on Thursday, 16 July 2020

In the workplace

  • Raise awareness of the Get Blackpool Reading campaign by distributing flyers around your place of work
  • Share campaign activity and the importance of literacy on your organisation’s social media channels, website and in customer-facing communications
  • Set up a workplace lending library with a children’s section

In your community

  • Reach out to your local school to see if they need volunteer reading support
  • Distribute leaflets around your local area
  • Create a book club and invite friends and family to get them reading

If you're interested in signing up, please email Get Blackpool Reading or reach out to us on Facebook.