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Library Lifeline part 18: I want to build my school’s graphic novel library but where do I start?

08 Feb 2024


What better way to foster your pupil’s enthusiasm for reading than by building a good graphic novel and comics collection?

In this Library Lifeline, special guest, Stephen L. Holland Comics Laureate 2021-2023, helps provide suggestions for titles that will have pupils flocking to the comics’ shelves!

This series is designed to support anyone working in a school library by answering their questions directly. If you have a question that you’d like to ask then please email us at and your question may be the focus of a future blog.

The Comics Laureate Recommended Reading List for Schools and Libraries

by Stephen L. Holland, Comics Laureate 2021-2023

Hello! Or Hello Again, if we’ve met!

During my two and a half years as Comics Laureate, the question I’ve been asked more than any other by teachers and librarians wanting to build graphic novel libraries is:

“Where do I even start?”

You can start here!

The Comics Laureate Reading Lists For Schools & Libraries is aimed squarely at teachers and librarians keen to build a collection of diverse, quality graphic novels for their schools or for the school-aged sections of their public libraries.

I have personally read and relished every graphic novel in Highly Recommended and Very Highly Recommended, and they have sold in vast quantities right in front of my eyes.

As Comics Laureate, I completed this project in full in August 2023 and Page 45  has published it.

You can find the list for schools and librarians here: Comics Laureate Reading Lists For Schools & Libraries (

Titles are organised into age subcategories to take any confusion out of the process as you begin to build or expand your collection.

Not only can you access the graphic novels in all their glory with covers, interior art and our written reviews via the link in my Introduction, but – Important! – librarians and teachers can email for Excel spreadsheets containing titles, creators, ISBNs and prices so that you can share them with others, make your selections, do your sums and order from wherever you like.

I hope this inspires! If it does, then please spread the link to the Introduction – or forward this email – far and wide!

These graphic novels are for Young Readers, Intermediates and Young Adults. For Sixth Forms, we also have a template of a Top 50 Selection of combined Adult / YA graphic novel section.

You’ll find many of them in the original Comics Laureate Recommended Reading List for all ages.

All the very best,


Stephen L Holland

Creator / Curator, Page 45

Comics Laureate 2021-2023

Patron of Refuge In Literacy UK

Patron of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

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