Comics Rule!

Added 02 Jul 2021
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What is the Summer Writing Challenge?

Developed with the generous support of REY Paper and in collaboration with The Beano, our Summer Writing Challenge – Comics Rule! is a fun and creative learning sequence. It has been designed to cover key elements of the Key Stage 2 reading and writing curriculum and to build students' confidence as they prepare to begin secondary school.

Using the exciting world of comics and graphic novels, this unit teaches key comprehension and visual literacy skills alongside creative writing as pupils work together to produce a comic of their own at the end of the sequence.

Experts at The Beano guide us though some top tips for creating stand-out comic imagery and their approach to storytelling – ensuring that students gain the skills and confidence they need to produce a comic story of their own.

How to use Summer Writing Challenge – Comics Rule! in your summer school

The pages are free to download from this page. The Comics Rule! learning sequence overview is available to download from this page now. It includes a guide to the sessions, learning outcomes, and curriculum links, and can help you get started with planning how to run the activities with your students.

This unit will come complete with planning, teaching PowerPoints and resources. It will consists of 12 individual session to be delivered across a minimum of four days. Sessions cover:

  • Exploring comics and graphic novels
  • Analysing comics and graphic novels
  • Stick people rule!
  • Comic strip challenge
  • Creating a character
  • Bombastic balloons
  • Developing the story world
  • Script writing for comics
  • Comic creation

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