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About us

We empower people with the literacy skills they need to succeed in life. Together we're helping people change their stories.
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The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity that empowers children, young people, and adults with the literacy skills they need to succeed.

Literacy changes everything. It gives you the tools to get the most out of life, and the power to shape your future. It opens the door to the life you want. But low literacy is inextricably linked to poverty. Over the last 30 years, we have continued to work with people who need us the most, supporting schools, families and communities on a local and national level.

Our new, bold and ambitious strategy for 2024-27

As the literacy landscape changes, we need a new, bold and ambitious strategy that will shape our work and help us deliver more impact over the next three years. Discover how our strategy will boldly empower and equip people in the most disadvantaged communities.

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What we do

We believe that literacy is for everyone. No limits, no lost causes, no last chances. Literacy gives you the tools to get the most out of life, and the power to shape your future. From first words, through school days, to training, jobs and beyond, we are there to support the people who need us the most. Together, we’re helping people change life stories.

Here at the National Literacy Trust we are reaching the people who need us most...

  • We work collaboratively in local communities to empower children

    We focus our work in 20 areas of the UK that are facing the biggest challenges with literacy and where we can make the most difference. Discover more about the National Literacy Trust hubs.

  • Support schools and settings

    We develop the most effective tools and techniques for teachers and educators to support literacy, providing both resources and programmes designed to engage and inspire children, especially those who have had a tough start in life. Find out how to become a member.

  • Campaign to make literacy a priority

    We know our campaigning is a critical tool for changing life chances. We’re the rallying cry to politicians and decision-makers to bring sustainable change, equip job-seekers, empower parents and support teachers. Learn more about our policy work.

  • Our work has no limits

    We support vulnerable adults, people in the criminal justice system and young offenders’ institutions to build their literacy skills so that they can express themselves through creative writing and prepare for the practicalities of daily life upon release.

Our research has life-changing impact

We base everything we do on sound evidence and aim to provide cutting-edge research on all aspects of literacy. This research underpins everything we do and helps us to be impactful in communities at both a local and national level.

Discover our impact

During 2022 and 2023:

  • We reached and empowered 1,337,673 children and young people.
  • 600 Literacy Champions supported us to change life stories in their communities.
  • We worked with 8,013 schools, supporting teachers to make an impact in their classrooms.
  • We put 528,303 books into the hands of children who would discover a fresh love of reading.
  • 9,834 parents with children under 5 were encouraged, equipped and empowered with the tools to support their children.
Discover the full story in our 2022/23 Impact Report
School children take part in a writing workshop_National Literacy Trust

Calling all teachers and educators

If you’re a teacher, there are many ways we can support you to develop literacy skills in your school or setting and feel more confident to engage and inspire children and young people from early years and primary to secondary, alternative provision and beyond.

  • Resources

    Download flexible, creative and evidence-based resources for early years, KS1, KS2, KS3 and beyond.

  • Programmes

    We bring reading, writing, speaking and listening to life with a range of funded and evaluated programmes.

  • Training and workshop opportunities

    Access inspiring training and CPD workshops based on cutting-edge research and years of experience.

Our Patron, trustees and ambassadors

We are committed to becoming a more diverse and inclusive charity, better at listening, collaborating and working in partnership. We are grateful to our patrons, trustees and ambassadors for championing our work and coming alongside us to change life stories through the power of literacy.

  • We are hugely grateful for the generous support of Her Majesty The Queen, who became Patron of the National Literacy Trust as HRH The Duchess of Cornwall in November 2010.
    Learn more
  • The National Literacy Trust is governed by our board of trustees, who come from a range of sector backgrounds.
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  • We are proud to recognise the National Literacy Trust ambassadors who go above and beyond in their support for our work.
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There are many stories to tell

Our communities, schools and families are ready to tell you their stories. Discover how working alongside National Literacy Trust and using our resources, training or activities has given them the tools to empower others to get the most out of life or those who have experienced our programmes and sessions have been given the tools to shape their own futures.

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