Secondary training

We know that skilled and knowledgeable teachers have the most impact on pupils’ progress (see findings from the Education Endowment Foundation, and Education Policy Institute).

We have been providing professional development for teachers across the UK for many years. We work in partnership with local authority school improvement teams, local education partnerships, research schools, teaching hub schools, multi-academy trusts, initial teacher education providers and the Department for Education.

You can also book onto a course directly with us. We offer a wide range of live, online training sessions. We are also able to provide face-to-face training on request.

Online training

We welcome requests from groups of schools. Many of the schools that we work with choose to collaborate with other schools either in their Trust, or local area to reduce training costs and optimise shared learning opportunities. We welcome such requests.

Explore the details below to learn more about course content and how to arrange a session.

We also run ticketed online training events - visit our events page to find dates and further information.

  • secondary boys and teacher

    What is disciplinary literacy?

    Introduces the concept of disciplinary literacy and looks at evidence and research.
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  • secondary girls and teacher

    Disciplinary literacy for GCSE

    Explores the literacy demands of GCSE and introduces strategies for improving reading and writing in different subjects.
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  • YRP 5 girls reading together.jpg

    Literacy for mathematics

    Explores the literacy skills required for mathematics and equips teachers to develop these skills in the classroom.
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  • Secondary boys writing

    Literacy for humanities

    Explores approaches to and strategies for developing literacy for history, geography and religious studies.
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  • Science test tubes.jpg

    Literacy for science

    Investigates effective literacy strategies for teaching and learning science and develops strategies for teaching scientific vocabulary.
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  • Alex Rider competition - boys writing

    Writing: supporting transition from KS2 to KS3

    Explores differences in writing between key stages and strategies for supporting transition.
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  • Vocab stock image.jpeg

    Building vocabulary within the secondary curriculum

    Explores the role of academic language in the curriculum and ways to teach different tiers of vocabulary in a range of subject contexts.
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  • open book stock image.jpeg

    Reading for pleasure: engaging students in school and at home

    Promotes reading for pleasure as a route to recovery in schools.
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  • LFL image.jpg

    Improving writing in secondary subjects

    Enables teachers to reflect on and develop their practice in teaching writing in the curriculum.
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Face-to-face training

Provision of face-to-face training has been impacted by restrictions on travel and social contact in place over the past year. We are happy to take enquiries and discuss your needs.