Secondary training

Literacy for Learning is a secondary school improvement programme, providing professional development for school leaders and teachers on literacy within the curriculum. Our training is aligned with evaluation and research from the Education Endowment Foundation and emphasises the practical application of research in the classroom. We offer a wide range of online training sessions, as well as face-to-face training on request.

All our online training is delivered live. Opportunities to interact with the trainer and other participants are an integral part of the sessions to deepen learning and explore topics that arise within the session. We do not record our live training events.

Autumn and Spring term training

You will find a range of literacy pathways below, which consist of a sequence of related CPD events. You can either book a single online course or a pathway series.

We also deliver group training events on request. For group sessions, you may want to collaborate with other schools in your network, federation, or Trust to share costs and optimise shared learning opportunities. To discuss your literacy priorities and CPDL planning, and for all group INSET bookings, contact Nisha Tank (Programme Manager, School Improvement).

Explore our literacy training pathways

Each literacy pathway suggests a sequence of courses to build skills and understanding for a specific literacy priority. The recommended courses in the pathway can be purchased as standalone training, either as a scheduled ticketed course or a group INSET training session.

Our pathways

lit leadershipWEB_BANNER-combined.png

This pathway consolidates understanding of key areas of literacy development within the curriculum and is suitable for literacy leaders and coordinators who are new or developing in role.

Courses in this pathway

intro disciplinary literacyWEB_BANNER-combined10.png

This pathway introduces the key concepts of disciplinary literacy and practical strategies for application within the curriculum. It is suitable for those new to, or beginning to develop their understanding of, disciplinary literacy.

Courses in this pathway


This pathway is designed for teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the literacy requirements in their subject area. It is suitable for subject leaders and teachers.

Courses in this pathway


This pathway is aimed at schools with reading as a priority. It is suitable for teachers from all subject areas, as well as librarians who want to improve their understanding of how reading can support the development of students’ literacy within the curriculum.

Courses in this pathway
  • building vocabTHUMBNAILS18.png

    Building vocabulary within the secondary curriculum

    Examine the role of academic language in the secondary curriculum and promote ways of teaching different tiers of vocabulary in a range of subjects.
    Find out about Building vocabulary
  • reading for learningTHUMBNAILS17.png

    Reading for learning

    Explore disciplinary reading, active reading strategies, and how to support struggling and EAL learners.
    Find out about Reading for learning
  • reading for pleasureTHUMBNAILS19.png

    Reading for pleasure

    Explore ideas around reading motivation, the use of digital reading platforms and the importance of valuing and promoting all types of wider reading.
    Find out about Reading for pleasure

englishWEB_BANNER-combined28 copy.png

This pathway is aimed at English practitioners and explores the specific literacy requirements of the English curriculum, as well as how to support reading for pleasure at home and at school.

Courses in this pathway