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Teaching Reading in Key Stage 2 participants’ area

Added 02 Aug 2017
Barbican CPD teacher

This page contains information and documents for participants of our Teaching Reading in Key Stage 2 professional development training. If you are not participating in the training but would like to find out more, visit our Teaching Reading in Key Stage 2 course information page, or see our events page for upcoming training dates.

Resources included:

  • Presentation from day 1 of the course
  • Presentation from day 2
  • Action plan format
  • Example of instructional activities
  • Reading list for vocabulary
  • National curriculum reading framework
  • Pie Corbett – book talk
  • Hyponemic hierarchies

About Teaching Reading in KS2 CPD:

This professional development course is aimed at teachers and literacy leaders in Key Stage 2. It helps you to:

  • Explore practical and creative approaches to develop pupils' comprehension strategies in the classroom
  • Explore inference as the key to great readers
  • Develop an action plan with strategies learned from research/develop tools and resources for effective whole school practice
  • Create an environment of collaborative study, professional dialogue and critical reflection through joint practice development