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Primary Literacy Guide and Review 2020/21

Added 02 Nov 2020
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The Primary Literacy Research and Policy Guide aims to inform and support busy teachers and leaders of literacy to bridge the gap between evidence and practice. It does this by collating and summarising key points from recent research and policy developments across all areas of the English curriculum. Our aim is to make research easily accessible to facilitate teachers and leaders in making informed, professional decisions about literacy development in their schools.

Updated annually, the guide concentrates on the most recent research related to literacy to help shape and develop sustainable literacy strategies.

Focus areas

  1. Early literacy: including reading and phonics in nursery and reception
  2. Reading: encompassing reading comprehension, critical literacy and reading for enjoyment
  3. Writing: creating a school writing culture, writing for pleasure, and a writing curriculum to develop skills to support the writing process
  4. Oracy: developing oral skills and the role of high-quality classroom talk in developing children's thinking and learning.
  5. Literacy leadership: insight and evidence for leaders working to drive change and embed a whole-school approach to literacy.

Annual Literacy Toolkit

The Literacy Research and Policy Guide sits alongside our Annual Literacy Survey to support evaluation, reflection and ongoing strategic development of whole-school literacy. The toolkit can be built into your annual school-improvement cycle to provide a gateway to good practice that is informed by evidence, in line with policy and inspired by practical ideas.

Annual Literacy Research and Policy Guide - previous edition

If you missed the research and policy summaries from last year, please visit our page for the Annual Literacy Research and Policy Guide 2019/20.