Reading Miles Global Challenge

Added 03 Aug 2017
Reading miles world map.jpg

Encourage children to read their way around with world with our fun and engaging Reading Miles Global Challenge. 

Children are rewarded with 500 reading miles for every 10 minutes they spend reading, either alone or with a parent, carer, sibling, grandparent or a member of staff at school. They collect these reading miles in their special reading passport on their very own reading world tour - a whopping 33,000 miles (or 11 hours) in total! 

The challenge is split into seven journeys, each of which finishes in a ‘checkpoint city’ and is perfect for engaging families with their children’s reading. 

The following resources are available to download to enable you to run the challenge in your school or setting:

• A wall map of the world charting the Reading Miles Global Challenge route

• A passport for pupils to record the reading

• A certificate for pupils who complete the challenge

• Postcards which pupils can complete when they reach checkpoint cities.

These resources were produced in partnership with Oxford University Press for a competition we ran in 2012.