Around the World with Wally

Added 11 Aug 2017

A descriptive writing challenge based on the popular Where’s Wally? series. Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 pupils put themselves in Wally’s shoes and describe a scene he’s found himself in. There are two teaching resources available:

• A cross-curricular teaching resource featuring ideas for incorporating the task into class time

• A teacher toolkit for holding a Where’s Wally? themed week. This includes Wally assets for printing

The following supporting resources can also be downloaded:

• A class poster depicting a Where’s Wally? scene explaining the task in one sentence

• A postcard template, which pupils can complete their work on

• A certificate of achievement for all pupils who complete the task

• A selection of Where’s Wally? spreads that could be projected on to classroom walls and used as a stimulus for the task

These resources were created in partnership with Walker Books for a competition we ran in 2015.