The toys in Happy Meals have been replaced with books through our partnership with McDonald's

12 Sep 2019

We're delighted to be supporting McDonald's again for their sixth Happy Readers campaign, which supports families reading together by giving away free books in every Happy Meal™ over 5 weeks.

We've been a partner on the initiative since it first launched in 2013. This year, our research is supporting the promotion, which highlights that almost a fifth of children aged 5 to 8 don’t have any books of their own.

Since 2013, the campaign has provided 70 million books to UK children, so we’re delighted to continue supporting this campaign to increase book ownership amongst children and encourage families reading together.

This year’s Happy Readers books feature stories from David Walliams's The World's Worst Children series, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins. The special editions available to collect as part of The Happy Meal promotion include Vain Valentine, Honey The Hogger, Stacey Superstar, Harry Who Never Ever Did His Homework, Miss Petula Perpetual- Motion and Competitive Colin.


The Happy Readers promotion launched on Wednesday 11 September and will run for five weeks, with one book given away per Happy Meal™ until 15 October.

“We are pleased to be supporting McDonald’s on their sixth Happy Readers campaign to encourage more children to read in their free time. With our research showing that 1 in 5 young children don’t have any books of their own at home, the Happy Readers scheme is a great way to increase children’s access to books and get them reading avidly in their free time. When children enjoy reading and have books of their own at home, they do better at school and are more likely to lead happy, healthy and successful lives.”

Jonathan Douglas, Chief Executive of the National Literacy Trust