Read On Nottingham get set to celebrate RSE Day on 25 June 2020

10 Jun 2020
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We are proud to be celebrating RSE Day 2020 helping to support parents, carers and teachers and teach young people about positive relationships and sex education.

This year's theme is ‘books I love about love’ and to celebrate this, Read On Nottingham, together with Nottingham City Libraries, has created special book lists for children of all ages.

The lists feature inspiring stories, novels and non-fiction books, which are suitable for children and young people from Early Years to young adult. The books on the lists give parents, carers and teachers the opportunity to talk to their children or pupils around the important themes of love, trust, respect, resilience, co-operation and communication.

The original idea of Nottingham City Council, RSE Day is an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health.

RSE Day 2020 takes place on Thursday 25 June and is encouraging schools and the wider community to get involved, asking everyone to consider their role in promoting healthy relationships and positive sexual health.

Click here to find the book lists and further RSE Day resources.

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