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Primary schools in Enfield become the latest to benefit from a Chase library transformation

06 Apr 2022

Chase Library Transformation

As a result of the Chase Rewarding Futures programme, schools will benefit from 400 new books alongside e-readers and audio books. Teachers will also receive bespoke training to embed a whole school reading culture. Thanks to Chase, 150 school libraries will be transformed across the country, benefitting 35,000 children.

Three flagship schools in Enfield, with a further 19 enhanced libraries, have become the latest to benefit from the Chase Rewarding Futures initiative. Underused areas in Hazelbury Primary School, Keys Meadow Primary School, and Churchfield Primary School have been transformed into a space that puts reading and access to books at the heart of each school. The commitment from the digital bank Chase, is in partnership with our work and supported by Penguin Random House UK.

The flagship transformations include the likes of new modular furniture, book shelving and each library has benefitted from 400 new books, e-readers and audio books. 

Beyond the reading space transformations, teachers at the schools will receive bespoke training to further their ability to create a culture of reading for pleasure and support that will enable them to maximise the reading spaces as hubs for imagination and creativity.

Families and carers of children at the schools will receive guidance and advice on how to support their children with reading outside the classroom, as well as invitations to special community and school literacy events including author readings.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of Chase to not only encourage a love of reading among the children at Hazelbury, but also equip parents and guardians with how they can support their children at home. Our new library provides a special space for the children to let their imaginations run wild and leave a lasting legacy that will have a real impact on their lives for years to come.”

Mel Bowman, Deputy Headteacher at Hazelbury Primary School

“It’s fantastic to see our school library transformations taking shape and for children in the Enfield schools to now be actively using them. These three schools are part of our wider mission to transform 150 libraries across the UK to support children’s literacy across the nation. Developing early stage reading skills and discovering a passion for reading can shape a child’s life, unlocking their potential, and helping improve their future prospects.”

Deborah Keay, Chief Marketing Officer of Chase in the UK

“When children are able to enjoy reading for pleasure and access books they want to read, this has a positive impact on their wellbeing, their academic performance and their chances of doing well in life. This is why we are delighted to be working with Chase to deliver exciting reading spaces, resources and training to primary schools across the UK, and helping to inspire a life-long love of reading.”

Director of School Programmes at the National Literacy Trust, Fiona Evans

The Chase Rewarding Futures school library programme launched in December 2021 and is transforming 150 primary school libraries across the UK, 22 of which are in Enfield. Chase’s initial £1m commitment to children’s literacy will improve access to books and reading materials, reaching around 35,000 children in underserved communities across seven key areas: Dundee, Doncaster, Newport, Suffolk, London, Nottingham, and Birmingham.

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