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Prioritising early language development: how and why?

The 2018 conference has now ended - thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success. To be the first to hear about next year's conference please fill in our expression of interest form or email for more information. 

Why is the critical importance of early language currently receiving so much attention from politicians and policy-makers?  

This year we looked at why early language is being prioritised across the UK and what it means for those of us working across early years and public health. We look at how different regions are tackling the language development gap and hear about the very latest research, and evidence-based practice being utilised, in language acquisition.

If adults talk with children effectively—taking the lead from the child, elaborating on what they say, asking questions, sharing rhymes or songs or books— then children are given the best start in developing the cognitive tools they need to succeed at school.

Early Intervention Foundation, The Best Start at Home, 2015

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