Doncaster Stories weekly writing challenges

cyclops frenchgate.jpg

Doncaster Stories has created a brand new series of writing challenges for children to complete during the lockdown period.

Every Monday (during term time) we will release a new writing challenge inspired by Doncaster. It might be that a local landmark or statue comes to life, or maybe there's an alien invasion, or there's a friendly ghost in Cusworth Hall.

The challenges are an opportunity for children to be creative about their home town, whilst making use of their literacy skills until schools reopen.

We'll post a new challenge on this page every Monday and we'll even feature some of the entries on our website, so keep your eyes peeled!

Entries for the below challenges have now closed but feel free to complete the activities anyway. You can send any of your work to and we may share it on our Facebook page for Share Saturday.

  • cyclops frenchgate.jpg

    Week one: Monster at the Frenchgate Centre

    There's a monster at the French gate centre! Use this monstrous image to inspire your first writing challenge.
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  • Sunny Bar superheroes.jpg

    Week two: Super Sheep and Super Pig

    There's a villain in Doncaster Market and it's up to Super Sheep and Super Pig to save the day.
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  • 100 Reads - Matilda

    Week three: book review

    Write a review of one of Doncaster's top 100 reads
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  • Doncaster stories conisbrough  YEAH greener grass2 (1).jpg

    Week four: Conisbrough Castle

    Write a response to Phil Sheppard's illustration of Doncaster's famous landmark
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  • Donny stories rhyme ad.jpg

    Week five: rhyming couplets

    Complete the rhyming couplet for a chance to have your work featured in a children's book!
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  • Mental health awareness week.jpg

    Week six: pick-me-up poetry

    It's Mental Health Awareness week so we're asking children to write poems to help spread some kindness
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  • Mythomania

    Weeks 7 & 8: Mythomania

    Create your own myth inspired by the Mythomania exhibition at The Point.
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  • Donny Dog challenge.jpg

    Week nine: Donny Dog mascot

    Write a story starring Donny Dog, mascot for Doncaster Rovers.
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  • The Ironman.jpg

    Week 10: Ironman challenge

    This weeks challenge is inspired by the book Ironman, by Ted Hughes.
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  • Reading for pleasure

    Week 11: story recipe challenge

    Write a recipe for the perfect story and you could win football tickets!
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  • narnia.jpg

    Week 12: portal challenge

    Adventure into another world with this portal challenge
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