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Continuing activity from our My Commonwealth Story Festival and to celebrate the 2022 Commonwealth Games kicking off in Birmingham, we've gathered a host of fun FREE sport and literacy themed activities for young people and families to take part in. These resources are from across the National Literacy Trust, and the Commonwealth Games. Click each link below to download the free activity.

Resources for primary school aged children

  • Tom Palmer.jpg

    Tom Palmers top tips

    Reading and writing tips for parents, teachers and librarians.
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  • Premier League Primary Stars - boys reading

    No spoilers

    Play this game and discuss tactics after each round.
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  • pexels-votsis-panagiotis-3565850.jpg

    Spaghetti towers

    Can you build the best tower of spaghetti and marshmallows?
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  • pexels-michael-morse-5099795.jpg

    Spell it out

    Use your bodies to form different words.
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  • Football

    Football fun

    Activity sheets to complete on a rainy day.
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  • Matt Oldfield Author of the Week

    Unbelievable Football

    Author Matt Oldfield shares his tips for writing non-fiction.
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Resources for secondary school aged young people

  • Girls playing football FA

    FA writing challenges

    Resources to write speeches, poems and newspaper articles about women's football.
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    My Birmingham Story

    Hear stories of local sports people and share your own #MyBirminghamStory.
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  • What is freestyle football? A professional explains…

    Love football, love reading

    Use young people's passion for football throughout the year to promote reading.
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  • pexels-lara-jameson-8828423.jpg

    Finding common ground

    Use sport to bring different nations, territories and cultures together.
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  • pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5428002.jpg

    Change our world

    Create a better world for you and the world around you. Use this worksheet to write your own pledge.
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  • Beatbox Mide and microphones

    Non-verbal drama games

    Connect pupils of all ages through games and music.
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