Impact report

Manchester early years dad

Our impact in 2017/18:

  • We directly supported the literacy of 116,290 children through our programmes
  • We supported literacy in 5,529 schools and 184 early years settings
  • We launched National Literacy Trust Hubs in Swindon and Nottingham
  • Our National Literacy Trust Hubs in Middlesbrough, Bradford, Peterborough and Stoke and our regional campaigns in the North East and Manchester went from strength to strength
  • We inspired 63 businesses to prioritise literacy through the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2018
  • 47,786 children and young people took part in our annual literacy survey and we released four research reports with the findings
  • Our campaigning had a media reach of 262m and an equivalent advertising value of £5.2m. Our Twitter followers reached 61k and our Facebook Likes rose to 10.5k