Story Explorers

Added 02 Mar 2020
Story explorers competition 2

Have you ever wanted to explore a story? Perhaps you would like to visit the Chocolate Factory with Charlie, ride a polar bear in the frozen North with Lyra or travel to Middle-earth’s Lonely Mountain with Bilbo Baggins?

Our Story Explorers resource challenges pupils to write a visitor’s guide or create a map based on their favourite story setting in children’s literature. Children will investigate what makes a good story location, and will apply their imagination and creativity to writing (and drawing!) with real purpose.

The resource includes:

  • A teaching toolkit with fun ideas and activities to explore story settings and prepare students for the challenge
  • Two brilliant extracts from The Wolf Wilder and The Explorer by Katherine Rundell demonstrating amazing story locations
  • A downloadable certificate of achievement for all children who complete the task
  • Printable templates and materials for your classroom to support the activity.

These resources were created in partnership with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) for a competition we ran in 2018 aimed at pupils aged between 7 and 14.