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Grammar for writing for secondary

Added 20 Feb 2018
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These grammar for writing resources are designed to help guide secondary teachers on how to teach grammar, and keep them up to date with the research and knowledge about grammar in context.

The resources include:

PDF resources

  • An overview of Exeter University’s grammar for writing research and subject pedagogy about the teaching of grammar
  • A tour of the eight word classes, introducing grammatical knowledge for teaching writing. It illustrates how each type of word functions in a sentence and suggests straightforward ways of defining each word class and covers:
    • Nouns
    • Adjectives
    • Determiners
    • Pronouns
    • Verbs
    • Adverbs
    • Prepositions
    • Conjunctions
  • Words and phrases, clauses and complex sentences:
    • Words
    • Phrases, e.g. verb phrases, adjectival and adverbial phrases
    • Clauses, sentences, multi-clause sentences
    • Punctuation

PowerPoint resource

A short PowerPoint which explains and illustrates sentence, clause and phrase features.

  • Debra Myhill’s recent research into grammar for writing at Exeter University suggests there is a gap in teacher knowledge about how language works in context.