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Early Words Together at Two resources

Added 09 Aug 2017
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Early Words Together at Two is an adaptation of our Early Words Together programme, designed specifically for parents of two-year-olds.

If you have received training for Early Words Together at Two, you will be able to access everything you need to complement your sessions here.

Early Words Together at Two toolkit

All practitioners in the project should have received a printed version of this at training. Please contact us if you need another copy.

Early Words Together at Two training presentation

This is the PowerPoint presentation from the training day. It is available for staff to review.

Parent take-away sheets

At the end of each session, practitioners will provide parents with take-away sheets which contain key messages for promoting their child’s learning and simple activities to try at home.

Parent sign-in sheet

Please fill in this log at each parent session so we can record how often parents are attending sessions. You can submit the log to us via email or post at the end of the cycle of sessions.

Parent consent form

Parents need to give consent to share their child's data. Please ask parents to sign this form at your introductory coffee morning.

Case study templates

As part of the project, practitioners may complete 1) a practitioner case study focusing on their learning as a practitioners, or 2) a family case study focusing on their observations of a family's journey during the project. Practitioners can choose from one of the two case study templates.

Please ask parents to complete the National Literacy Trust permission form if you would like to include photos of parents and children in your case study.

Parent surveys

Practitioners are asked to help parents complete a survey at the end of the last session. This will help to see if there have been any changes for the parent or child since taking part in Early Words Together at Two.

The HELLO Early Years Improvement Tool

You might also like to use this improvement tool from the Helping Early Language and Literacy Outcomes (HELLO) programme resources. It is designed to support early years practitioners with improving young children’s communication, language and literacy development, with children aged 0-5 years-old.

The improvement tool provides prompts and critical questions to help early years settings identify their strengths and areas for development through evidence and enquiry around the following three key areas:

  • Partnerships with parents
  • Skilled practitioners
  • Enabling environments

The evidence gathered will lead to an action plan for development and improvement. This in turn leads to reflection upon and evaluation of improvements made.

Quick tips

Quick tips for parents in 17 languages

The quick tips provide parents with ideas for helping their child develop good listening and talking skills. Here you can access the quick tips in 17 different languages!