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Early Words Together at Three Outdoors

Added 08 Apr 2021

What is Early Words Together at Three Outdoors?

Early Words together at Three Outdoors is an adaptation of our Early Words Together at Three programme, designed to be delivered in your outside space. It allows nurseries and other early years settings in disadvantaged communities to utilise their outdoor space to give children the opportunities they may have missed out on during lockdown. Groups of parents and children can safely come together outside whilst COVID guidelines stipulate they are not allowed inside settings.

Being outdoors is beneficial to children’s language development as communication is prompted by new and sensory experiences. Spending time in nature also leads to improvements in mental health and well-being for both children and parents.

It's easy to adapt the Early Words Together at Three Outdoors sessions, depending on how much space is available to you.

The downloadable resources on this page are only available to settings taking part in our Early Words Together at Three Outdoors programme. If you are not participating in the programme but are interested in finding out more, you can contact us.


Early Words Together Outdoors session plans

The outdoor session plans are based on Forest School principles, and have been created in consultation with an experienced level 3 Forest School leader. You may not have an appropriate space with trees and/or other natural resources, but could take some ideas from the plans for certain sessions.

Early Words Together at Three original toolkit

All practitioners in the project should have received a printed version of this at training. Please contact us if you need another copy.

Parent take-away sheets

At the end of each session, practitioners will provide parents with take-away sheets with key messages for promoting their child’s learning and simple activities to try at home. These have been adapted for Early Words Together Outdoors.

Parent sign-in sheet

Please fill in this log at each parent session so we can record how often parents are attending sessions. You can submit the log to us via email or post at the end of the cycle of sessions.

Case study templates

As part of the project, practitioners are asked to complete a case study that captures one of two things:

  1. Your learning as a practitioner
  2. Your observations of a family's journey during the project

You only need to complete one case study template but if you want to do more, please do.

Please ask parents to complete the National Literacy Trust permission form if you would include photos of volunteers, parents and children in your case study.

Parent surveys

Practitioners are asked to help parents complete a survey at the end of the last session. This will help to see if there have been any changes for the parent or child since taking part in Early Words Together at Three Outdoors.

  • Early Words Together at Three Outdoors parent survey (coming soon)

Early Words Together at Three Outdoors is being delivered in County Durham from 2021/2022, and is kindly supported by The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.