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Become a storyteller: a project for primary schools

Added 15 Mar 2024 | Updated 18 Mar 24

children playing

Our Become a Storyteller resource provides you with a learning sequence and resources to deliver a cross-phase storytelling project in your primary school to foster a love of storytelling whilst developing pupils’ oracy skills. Pupils will have the chance to hone their storytelling skills, learn a story to tell and perform their stories for a real audience, in a storytelling event. Alongside developing oracy skills and confidence in performing, the resource aims to foster a love of stories and the storytelling tradition.

The resource is designed for use with pupils aged 5 to 11 (KS1/P2-P3 and KS2/P4-P7).

Follow each stage of the provided learning sequence to take your pupils on a storytelling journey, where they will work towards retelling a story at a storytelling event. We have provided stories to suit both younger and older primary learners. For each stage of the learning sequence, you’ll find a range of activities to choose from, enabling you to decide what works best for the age and needs of your pupils.

What’s included in this resource?

  • A learning sequence and activities to help your pupils hone their oracy skills and learn a story to perform
  • Guidance on running a storytelling event
  • Video links of professional storytellers in action
  • Recommended stories for pupils to learn and retell
  • Visual story maps to support younger pupils or pupils with SEND
  • Appendices including national curriculum links (speaking and listening)

Download these resources at the bottom of the page.

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