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Celebrating Reading for Enjoyment: Findings from our Annual Literacy Survey 2016 Report

Added 01 Jun 2017 | Updated 04 Sep 18

In 2016 we recorded the highest levels of reading enjoyment to date, with nearly 6 in 10 saying that they enjoy reading either very much or quite a lot.

Read more about children’s and young people’s reading enjoyment, based on our seventh annual literacy survey which we conducted in November/December 2016. 42,406 children and young people aged eight to 18 participated.

The report also shows that children who enjoy reading are more likely to do better at reading than their peers who don’t enjoy it. At age 14, children who enjoy reading have an average reading age of 15.3 years, while those who don’t enjoy reading have an average reading age of just 12 years, a difference of 3.3 years.

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