Words for Work: KS3

Words for Work

Business volunteers bring workplace communication into the classroom to unlock students' speaking and listening skills.

About the programme

Over five teacher-led sessions, students participate in interactive skill-building activities, such as preparing for interviews, active listening and delivering effective presentations.

Volunteers from the business community support students to understand the real life application of literacy in the workplace. The volunteers share their career journey, roleplay workplace scenarios and give top tips for presentations.

"It's been a great experience for all involved. I've seen the volunteers engage and inspire and bring out the best in my students. I've never seen my class smile so much! Programmes like this one are so important."

Words for Work teacher


After completing Words for Work: KS3:

  • 98% of students knew what may be expected of them in a job interview.

  • 94% of students knew how to plan a formal presentation.

  • 92% of students knew how to give formal presentations in front of an audience.

  • 92% of students knew the difference between formal and informal situations.

Grange Technology College runs Words for Work three years in a row