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Empower: media literacy leader training

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What is a media literacy leader?

Empower yourself to lead the charge in media literacy education within your school community. Our free comprehensive CPD programme is designed exclusively for secondary school teachers, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to become a beacon of media literacy excellence.

In an era inundated with information from various media sources, the ability to critically analyse, and evaluate digital content is paramount. As a media literacy leader, you'll not only enhance your own teaching practice but also empower your colleagues to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence by delivering whole school CPD. With almost half of the world due to vote in major elections this year, there has never been a more important time to equip students and staff with the media literacy skills they need to make informed decisions.

Programme overview

The Media Literacy Leader programme is made up of five twilight sessions delivered online between September and November 2024.

The sessions:

  1. Understanding the media literacy landscape: Our first session will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the media literacy landscape, exploring key concepts, challenges, and opportunities in today's digital world. By understanding the broader context, you'll be better equipped to navigate and address media literacy issues within your educational setting.
  2. Curriculum integration: Together, we'll delve into how media literacy intersects with various subjects across the curriculum. You will explore where media literacy fits within the curriculum and gain insights into how to integrate media literacy skills into the existing curriculum.
  3. Critical literacy: The foundation of media literacy is critical literacy. In this session, you will define critical literacy and its role in media literacy. Analyse text, visuals, and audio for bias, perspective, and purpose and explore techniques for deconstructing media narratives.
  4. Designing and delivering whole school training: Effective communication and coaching are essential in guiding colleagues from diverse disciplines towards embracing media literacy principles. This session will focus on developing your coaching skills, equipping you with strategies to support colleagues in implementing media literacy practices within their teaching contexts. Additionally, we will explore methods for assessing and evaluating the impact of your efforts.
  5. Bespoke training creation: Tailoring training to meet the specific needs and interests of your school community is paramount. We'll support you in creating bespoke training materials and workshops that align with the unique requirements of your setting. Whether it's designing interactive sessions, developing resources, or facilitating discussions, we'll support you to deliver impactful training sessions within your school.

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Who is it for?

If you've ever wished your students would think more critically and evaluate the information they see online, or navigate the digital world more responsibly, then this could be the course for you. Ideal for educators interested in spearheading cross-curricular training, no prior media literacy expertise is required, only a keen interest or willingness to learn. We strongly recommend that you have either taught or will be teaching our Empower programme. The programme entails a time commitment of five one-hour twilight sessions, supplemented with resource recommendations for further exploration. As participants will lead whole-school training on media literacy, it is necessary to gain permission from your head teacher or senior leadership team.

Join us on this fully funded, transformative journey

Become a Media Literacy Leader, make a lasting impact on the educational landscape in your setting and shape the future of students' digital engagement. Together, we'll empower educators to navigate the digital age with confidence, fostering critical thinking, responsible digital citizenship, and informed media consumption among our students and colleagues alike.