Early Words Together

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Early Words Together helps parents to support their child’s language development and literacy.

We train school staff and volunteers to work with parents and their 3-5 year olds, building parents’ confidence so that they can support their children’s communication, language and literacy skills at home.

The programme is proven to increase children’s language development, improve parental engagement with schools and provide volunteering opportunities for the local community.

“The power of the programme has been amazing... Because of Early Words Together, local parents now have the skills they need to continue encouraging their child’s literacy development at home.”

Vicky Bowman, Reading Lead


Prices start from £1,550 to support 30 families. This includes National Literacy Trust membership - existing members receive a £100 discount.

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Worried about language delay in your school?

Across the UK, up to 40-50% of children are starting school without the language skills they need to progress.

Though widespread, language delay is most concentrated in areas of high deprivation. Children eligible for free school meals are twice as likely to experience language difficulties.

Early Words Together provides training and resources for nursery and reception teaching staff to help parents improve their children's language development and school readiness. The programme is a great, evidence-based use of pupil premium.

The impact

Early Words Together is proven to:

  • Increase children's language development

    Underperforming children who take part in Early Words Together catch up with their peers in their understanding of spoken language in just three months.

  • Improve the home learning environment

    86% of parents who take part in the programme report they now talk more to their children – and two-thirds feel more confident about sharing books with their child.

  • Improve parental engagement

    73% of parents and carers who took part in Early Words Together now read with their child every day – up from 53% at the start of the programme.

  • Help the families most in need

    Families who read the least often at the start of the programme show a 91% increase in reading frequency by the end.

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