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Swindon Recommends: Recipes for the slow cooker

Cooking img

Cooking and preparing meals are a busy part of day-to-day life –but they are also a great learning opportunity for children!

Following recipes together encourages your little one to read, understand new words, practise following instructions and chat while having fun! These everyday tasks help with their language and communication – which are vital skills to set them up for school.

This cookbook is full of slow cooker recipes shared by our friends across Swindon to help you make cost-efficient, healthy, and tasty meals.

We teamed up with Swindon Borough Council to promote healthy eating in an affordable and fun way. We hope you enjoy creating these recipes together!

Download the cookbook here

Do you have your own recipe to share? Please send them to Anish Harrison or on Facebook at @SwindonLiteracyTrust.

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