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Our Literacy Champion Linzi has created two brilliant book related quizzes for the children in her neighbourhood to get them excited about reading!

Take the quizzes with your kids and see how you do! There’s one for children under seven, and one for aged eight and above. Full questions and answers on the link below.

Quiz for children under seven


  1. Which wild animal came to tea?
  2. Meg the witch had a cat called ___ ?
  3. Name two animals that sat on the broom from ‘Room on a Broom’.
  4. Where was Hairy Maclary from?
  5. 'We’re Going on a ____ Hunt'. What are they looking for?
  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate through how many plums?
  7. Who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood?
  8. What animal is multi-coloured Elmer?
  9. Aliens love what?
  10. What was Plop the owl afraid of?


  1. Tiger (in 'The Tiger who came to Tea')
  2. Mog
  3. Frog, Cat, Dog, Bird (extra point for all four!)
  4. Donaldson’s Diary
  5. Bear
  6. Three plums
  7. Winnie-the-Pooh
  8. Elephant
  9. Underpants
  10. The Dark

Quiz for children aged eight and older


  1. Who was the owner of the chocolate factory in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?
  2. How did James Trotter get to New York?
  3. Can you name the little girl in ‘The BFG’?
  4. Who chased a rabbit down a hole?
  5. Who wears the red and white stripy jumper in the book where you have to find him?
  6. Which house is Harry Potter sorted into?
  7. What bird is Hedwig?
  8. Who is the boy who wouldn't grow up?
  9. What is the name of the pirate in Peter Pan who is scared of a crocodile?
  10. What fruit does Snow White eat that puts her to sleep?
  11. Can you name the family who Mary Poppins looks after?
  12. Who lives at 221B Baker Street?
  13. Name the book series about a dinosaur park?
  14. What did Aurora prick her finger on to put her to sleep?
  15. Baloo and Bagheera are characters from which book?
  16. In ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ where does the back of the wardrobe go to?
  17. Who is not a character in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Bashful, Lazy or Dopey?
  18. What job does the BFG do?
  19. Who wrote ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘The Secret Seven’?
  20. Which house does Draco Malfoy belong to?


  1. Willy Wonka
  2. By giant peach (in ‘James and the Giant Peach’)
  3. Sophie
  4. Alice (in ‘Alice in Wonderland’)
  5. Wally (in ‘Where’s Wally?’)
  6. Gryffindor
  7. A snowy owl (in the ‘Harry Potter’ books)
  8. Peter Pan
  9. Captain James Hook
  10. A poisoned apple
  11. The Banks family
  12. Sherlock Holmes
  13. Jurassic Park
  14. A spindle or spinning wheel
  15. ‘The Jungle Book’
  16. Narnia
  17. Lazy
  18. Dream Blower
  19. Enid Blyton
  20. Slytherin (in the ‘Harry Potter’ books)