Get ready for Year 7 with these fun SMART activities!


Nottingham Emmanuel School and the Farnborough Academy have created some special activities to help Year 6 pupils feel prepared for Year 7 when they join in September.

The activities are based on the book SMART by Kim Slater - a fantastic book set in Nottingham that pupils will be reading together in their Year 7 tutor groups. You don't need to have the book, but if you do, don't read it yet as you will be reading it when you start at secondary school. Just download the tasks below and follow the activities (with help from Kim Slater herself!) to help you get to know the book.

Not attending Nottingham Emmanuel or Farnborough? You will also read SMART in Year 7 at Bluecoat Aspley and NUAST but everyone is welcome to try these activities! You can print the tasks out and fill them in on paper, type your answers up on a computer or device, or write them out on paper or in a notebook.

Can you judge a book by its cover?

Try the activities below to see what you can learn about the book from its title, front cover, and blurb.

Watch the video above to listen to the blurb read by the author Kim Slater (you can also read it on Task 3).

Made in Nottingham

SMART is set in Nottingham and a lot of the events in the story take place around the River Trent. Do the activity sheets below to learn more about the area and the nature you can find there.

Who is Kieran?

Watch the video below to listen to an extract from the book read by the the author Kim Slater (you can also read the extract in Task 8).

Now complete the tasks below to help you learn about the main character's thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

What's your story?

You've learned all about SMART and where it's set - now it's your turn to write your own short story set in Nottingham! Download the last task below and follow the activities to help you get started on your story.

Find out more about Read On Nottingham.

Head to the Nottingham City Libraries website to borrow books for free online and for more information on library closures and re-openings. Check out Family Zone to find further book borrowing apps and websites.