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Bradford Stories Roald Dahl challenge: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Chocolate Factory cover.jpg

Welcome to the first Bradford Stories challenge themed around Roald Dahl's marvellous creations.

The first challenge is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we're asking you to invent your own scrumptious treat.

The challenge

What do you think is the most magical space in your home? Is there a room under the stairs, an entrance to the loft, a space behind the sofa, or even a garden shed? We’d like you to imagine that you have found a chocolate bar in your chosen room, and there’s a golden ticket inside!

Your secret room will transform into a new section of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory where you will create a brand new magical sweet or chocolate treat.

To take part, you need to design an advert for your tasty invention. What is it called? What does it taste like? Are there any mystery ingredients? What happens when you eat it? You could even think about how it’s made in your secret room too! You can use pictures as well as words and you can be as creative as you like.

The competition is open to primary school children aged 5 - 11. You have until Friday 29 May at 12pm (noon) to send us a photo of your advert to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of Roald Dahl books. Submissions should be sent to and please include your name, age, and the name of your school.

Photos of entries may be posted on the Bradford Stories Facebook page.

Submissions for this challenge have now closed, but please do complete the activity anyway if you wish.

Top tips

  • If you’ve never read Charlie and the Chocolate factory, you can listen to the first chapter for free here
  • This resource from Puffin includes some extracts from the book. Read these to discover how Roald Dahl described Willy Wonka's factory, Everlasting Gobstoppers, and Hair Toffee
  • If you need some tips for your advert, have a look at these slides about persuasive writing

The winners

Winner – Aimen, aged 10. Aimen had clearly spent a lot of time inventing their peanut butter and fudge chocolate bar and thinking about the ingredients and magical powers. We loved the fantastic use of descriptive text and adjectives!

Winner – Shaurya, aged 6. We love how Shauriya has really taken on the role of an inventor in his fun and creative video.

Runner up – Smit, aged 8. Smit used the ingredients in their invention to create a brilliant new word and name for their treat.

Runner up – Alisha, aged 9. We love the idea of Alisha’s super stretchy super yummy treat which is perfect for melting over a camp fire.

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