National Professional Qualification for Leading Literacy (NPQLL)

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About the NPQLL

In partnership with Education Development Trust (EDT) we are offering the National Professional Qualification for Leading Literacy in selected hub areas.

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Course details

The course is currently available to primary and secondary teachers in these National Literacy Trust Hub areas:

Duration, hours of study and costs

  • Duration: 12 months (plus 3 months for summative assessment process)
  • Hours of study: 55
  • Cost: Free to those who meet the scholarship eligibility criteria. The cost for school or self-funded participants outside of the criteria is £901

Why choose us

The National Literacy Trust has nearly 30 years of experience of working with schools and communities where low literacy levels are a significant barrier to social mobility. By choosing to work with us, you will be working with experts in the field of literacy education, helping to improve outcomes for children and young people. We want to see a designated leader of literacy in every school, and the NPQLL will help make this a reality.

Who the NPQLL is for

  • Teachers in primary and secondary schools
  • Those, who have a responsibility for literacy, or are aspirant literacy leaders

What you will learn

Working with the National Literacy Trust you will:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills that underpin effective literacy leadership
  • Put knowledge and research into practice
  • Learn how to support colleagues to become effective teachers of literacy
  • Collaborate with a professional network
  • Give pupils access to high-quality literacy support to improve outcomes

More information and registration

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Register at the DFE website