Eden Ballantyne

Eden Ballantyne


Historical Stories to Educate and Entertain

With stories and workshops from a large selection of British history, including the invaders, be they Romans, Vikings or Saxons; with Medieval Britain and Tudors also on offer. A visit to your school can focus on a historical period of your choice, it’ll be brought to life by a costumed character and lots of interactive drama.

Find out how Queen Boudicca lead the Iceni Rebellion, almost to beat the mightiest empire in Europe .

With stories of gods of Thunder and giants of ice, how did the Vikings go from raiding to trading.

From Henry VII To Elizabeth The First, find out all about the Tudor Family tree with Hayden’s interactive story of Henrys six wives and three children Eden has performed at festivals and historic sites across the UK, Canada and China and works regularly for the National; Trust and English Heritage.

Works with

14-16 (KS4), 7-11 (KS2), 5-7 (KS1), 3-5 (EYFS 2)


£150 for an hour long workshop, discounts given for multiple workshops in the same day.

£50 for a half hour story if local.

Travel and accommodation is additional if outside West Yorkshire.