Mark the Bard!

Added 02 Aug 2017

To celebrate the Bard's enduring legacy, we have created a cross-curricular resource for Key Stage 3 students, supported by PwC. This resource focuses on Macbeth and The Tempest and provides teachers across the curriculum with practical ideas and lesson plans for teaching the plays in their subject area. 

The full resource contains:

• an introduction to the resource

• an overview of  the lesson plans

• the literacy outcomes of the resource mapped against the curricula of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland,

• a total of ten detailed lesson plans across five subject areas along with the associated extracts from the plays

• synopses of Macbeth and The Tempest.

The lesson plans can also be downloaded separately, by subject area:

• English and Drama

• Science

• History

• Art and Design

• Citizenship/Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development.

Many thanks to Sophie Holdforth for her help in creating this resource.