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Literacy for Music

Added 03 Oct 2019
Literacy for music

'To ensure that pupils to achieve their potential at all levels, subject teachers should integrate the explicit teaching of literacy into their content area.'

Developing literacy skills in music lessons involves integrating the teaching of listening, note-making and critical thinking with writing. In order to communicate effectively about music, students need to be inducted into the writing style of a musicologist! This literacy and music resource demonstrates how to support reading and writing in the context of Key Stage 4 music teaching.

This resource includes:

  • Advice on encouraging wider reading about music along with a list of the most relevant words from the ‘academic word list’ suitable for music lessons
  • Some ideas for developing musical vocabulary including use of exam 'command' words
  • Guidance on modelling how to write longer answers for KS3 and KS4 including an annotated GCSE model text