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Changing the Story reading programme - participants' page

Added 03 Jun 2021
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Welcome to your dedicated participants' page for Hachette UK and National Literacy Trust's Changing the Story reading programme. The downloadable resources on this page are only available to participant schools.

This exciting new programme from Hachette UK and National Literacy Trust focuses on supporting Key Stage 1 children to develop their reading skills, enabling them to confidently read for enjoyment too.

On this page you’ll find a range of links to training materials, important paperwork, and resources which will support you during the lifespan of your involvement in the project.

We'll continue to add to these pages over the coming months.

List of resources

1) Training session 1

This is the slide deck shared at the first training session. The aims of the session were to:

  • Explore the Reading Planet books and online library
  • Understand what makes a successful reader
  • Know how to run a Changing the Story reading session
  • Plan a parent workshop to introduce the resources and engage parents in supporting their child’s reading

2) Training session 2

This is the slide deck shared at the second training session. The aims of the session were to:

  • Know how to access support and resources through National Literacy Trust membership
  • Understand how to develop a range of reading strategies with children
  • Explore New PiRA online termly tests and collecting data through MARK
  • Look forward to reading for pleasure events later in the year

3) The Changing the Story reading session

This handout explains the three part format of the Changing the Story reading session that staff deliver with individual children ideally three times a week.

4) How books are aligned to Letters and Sounds

Little Sutton English Hub recently created this list of decodable books aligned to the phonics phases of Letters and Sounds, which includes the Rising Stars Reading Planet books. Although out of date now that the DfE's Letters and Sounds is not an accredited full programme, it is a useful document if you have books from different publishers.

5) Observing independent reading

This document can be used when watching and listening to a child read to check their reading and repairing strategies and their understanding.

6) The reading curriculum

Adapted from the work of James Clements, this handout outlines how each type of reading can support the objectives in the National Curriculum

7) Simple view of reading task

Use this document to think about the children in your group or class, and where they might sit in the four quadrants of the simple view of reading.

8) Improving Literacy in Key Stage 1

This document from EEF can be used to inform your knowledge and understanding of your role in establishing children as competent readers. There is also a self-assessment guide you can use with a Red Amber Green rating.

9) Overview of Reading Planet KS1

Use this overview to check which books you will receive as part of the programme.

10) Full list of Reading Planet KS1 and KS2 books

If you are a primary school, use this list to check off all the books you will receive.

11) Changing the Story - session register

Ideally, Changing the Story reading sessions should take place three times a week. However, you may have more children taking part who do fewer sessions, so use this register to log attendance, and return to the below email address at the end of each term.

12) Parent workshop presentation

This can be adapted and used to present the new books in school and the online library to parents so they can use the resources at home. You may choose to invite just the parents of the children on the programme and so you can use the slides specifically related to Changing the Story, or you may like to invite all parents along to encourage all families to use the online library at home.


If you have any questions please contact