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Young People's Writing (2009): Attitudes, behaviour and the role of technology

Added 06 Dec 2009 | Updated 26 Jul 17

This report shows that most young people write regularly and young people write technology-based materials, such as text and instant messages, most frequently. 

Having a profile on a social networking site or having a blog is connected to enjoyment of writing and confidence in writing. Young people today use computers regularly and believe that computers are beneficial to their writing.

As this is the first significant UK study on the subject, the key objectives of this survey were: to explore how much young people enjoy writing, what type of writing they engage in, how good at writing they think they are, what they think about writing and what the role of technology is in young people's writing.

This report outlines the findings from 3,001 pupils aged eight to 16 from England and Scotland, who completed an online survey in May 2009. It explores gender and age differences, and examines the link between socio-economic background (in terms of free school meals) and writing.

Furthermore, it explores young people's writing with respect to mobile phone ownership, having a blog and having a profile on a social networking site. It concludes with practical and policy implications.

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