Premier League Reading Stars: evaluation reports 2015/16

Added 02 Feb 2017

Here we share the impact of findings from an independent evaluation of Premier League Reading Stars (PLRS) and Premier League Reading Stars Cymru (PLRSC) by Coventry University, focusing on activities delivered between September 2015 and July 2016.


The evaluation found that children taking part in the programme showed a significantly greater improvement in standardised reading scores, reading enjoyment, reading confidence and reading motivation compared to children who did not. In addition, children who took part in PLRS delivered through a Premier League Football club showed increased reading frequency and significantly greater improvement in reading ability.


Findings for PLRS were based on attitudinal data for 279 pupils and standardised assessment for 261 pupils, and for PLRSC on attitudinal data for 159 pupils and standardised assessment for 160 pupils (all aged nine to 13).