Picture the Poet: school programme evaluation report 2016

Added 05 Oct 2016

This report outlines evaluation findings from the Picture the Poet schools programme, which aimed to increase enjoyment of poetry reading, writing and performance. Developed by the National Portrait Gallery in collaboration with the National Literacy Trust and Apples and Snakes, the programme included activities and training based on an exhibition of portraits of poets that toured six regions between 2014 and 2016.

The school programme involved 168 teachers from more than 100 schools. More than 3,750 pupils aged between 7 and 13 visited the exhibition, and, following workshops by poets and teachers in exhibition spaces, were inspired to write and perform their own poetry.

Based on a final sample of 756 pupil post-project survey responses, the evaluation shows that after taking part in the project:

  • 88% of pupils said they know more about poetry
  • 57% felt their writing had improved
  • 52% felt their reading skills had improved