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Children's and Young People's Reading in 2011

Added 01 Jan 2011 | Updated 14 Aug 17

Discover how much children and young people enjoyed reading in 2011, how often they read in their free time, what types of formats they read outside class, and what they thought about reading.


This research highlights how children and young people are reading less as their lives get more crowded. The report explores children's and young people's attitudes towards reading, what they read, the different media they use to read and the amount of time they spend reading.


It compares findings with data from 2010 and 2005, as well as looking at the impact of ethnic background, gender and age. The report also examines how children's and young people's reading habits relate to their reading and writing attainment.


This report outlines findings that relate to children and young people's reading habits, taken from our second annual literacy survey, which we conducted in November/December 2011 and in which nearly 21,000 young people aged eight to 16 participated.
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