Children and Young People's Literacy in Middlesbrough 2013: One year on

Added 11 Apr 2014

More children enjoyed reading, read daily and thought positively about reading in Middlesbrough in 2013 than in 2012. More children also enjoyed writing and more wrote daily in their free time in 2013 than did the year before.

Read more about literacy in Middlesbrough after one year as a National Literacy Trust Hub in this detailed report. Findings are based on an online survey we conducted in October to December 2013. Overall, 2,254 children and young people from 16 schools within the Middlesbrough local authority participated.  

To contextualise the information about children and young people’s literacy in Middlesbrough, their responses are compared with data from the year before and with findings from a wider national survey that was conducted in November/December 2013 with 29,420 children and young people aged 8 to 16.

A baseline report for 2012 is also available.