Boys, Girls and Communication: Their views, confidence and why these skills matter (2011)

Added 04 Jan 2011

We conducted the first large-scale survey of young people's view on communication skills in the UK over the summer of 2010.  Read about what boys and girls think about communication skills, how confident they are in their skills and how important they think they are.

6,865 young people aged eight to 16 from 47 schools took part in an online survey we conducted in June/July 2010. 

Since a search of the published literature had highlighted read gaps of knowledge, we wanted to have answers to the following questions: What do young people think about communication skills? Are they confident in their skills and how important do they think these skills are at school, in the workplace or in wider society?

This brief report focuses on the potential differences between boys and girls in terms of their views of communication skills, their confidence in using them and the importance they place on them.

This survey was kindly supported by The Communication Trust.