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Many children don’t have the critical literacy skills they need to survive and thrive in a digital world. Through NewsWise, we help teachers empower pupils to access, understand, analyse and participate in the news.

About the programme

NewsWise is a free, cross-curricular news literacy project for 7-to-11-year-olds across the UK. It helps teachers empower their Key Stage 2 pupils to understand, critically navigate and report real news.

NewsWise is free for schools and provides teachers with a suite of curriculum-based lesson plans, online resources, exciting school workshops and opportunities to speak to real journalists.

Funded by Google, we have developed NewsWise in partnership with the Guardian Foundation and the PSHE Association.

We always welcome expressions of interest from schools, and as well as from teacher champions willing to help spread the word about the project.

Get involved with NewsWise


Download free NewsWise resources for teachers.

  • NewsWise unit of work

    Download all the lesson plans and resources for the NewsWise unit of work.
  • NewsWise teacher guide

    Use this teacher guide to help you make the most of the NewsWise unit of work.
  • NewsWise values poster

    Download the NewsWise values poster to display in your classroom.
  • NewsWise navigator

    Help your pupils navigate the news with this tool to use in the classroom and at home.
  • Creating a newsroom in your classroom

    Add authenticity to news literacy lessons with these tips on how to turn your classroom into a newsroom.
  • NewsWise tips for parents

    Suggestions and links for reading and understanding the news with your family.

Current opportunities

We are currently seeking schools in the East Midlands, East Anglia and the south east of England to run NewsWise. Participation is free and you will benefit from:

  • our fully planned cross-curricular English and PSHE unit of work, with lesson plans and resources designed by teachers and critical literacy experts
  • an Enter the Newsroom virtual workshop for years 5 and/or 6
  • the opportunity for your pupils to meet/hear from journalists
  • a pre-project CPD training session
  • a set of Guardian newspapers for each class
  • opportunities to showcase your pupils’ work on our website
  • a year of National Literacy Trust membership

What will you be expected to do?

  • Attend pre-project training
  • Arrange for your class to take part in a virtual workshop
  • Deliver the unit of work building on knowledge gained through the workshop. This takes three to five weeks to teach in full.
  • Complete evaluation surveys

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Upcoming teacher training

We run training sessions for teachers across the UK with lots of practical examples and resources to develop critical literacy skills in the classroom and to help pupils to engage with, analyse, question and produce news.

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Fake news and critical literacy

Today’s children are growing up in a globalised world and are processing information from a wider range of sources than ever before. To navigate the potential pitfalls of consuming news, particularly online and on social media, children need strong critical literacy skills.

Despite these skills being taught at every stage of school life, our research shows that children and young people in England simply don’t have the critical literacy skills they need to identify fake news and thrive in a digital world.

  • More young people than ever are using digital media as their main source of news

    Reuters, 2017

  • 20% of children believe everything they read online

    Ofcom, 2016

  • 58% of eight to 11-year-olds said they visited news sites or apps in 2016

    Ofcom, 2016

  • 35% of UK teachers say pupils have cited ‘fake news’ or false information online as fact in their work

    NASUWT, 2016

Find out more about our work on fake news and critical literacy

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