ROGO Index

ROGO index small 2The ROGO Index is published for the first time in December 2017. It is based on a new tripartite model of reading well at age 11 that has been developed by the Read On. Get On. coalition. The model asserts that a good reader has strong cognitive skills (including phonics and decoding), affective processes (including high levels of reading enjoyment) and reading behaviours (including reading outside school on a daily basis). The ROGO Index measures how well 11-year-olds in England are reading across these three areas using data from the Department for Education, GL Assessment, Renaissance Learning and the National Literacy Trust.

The ROGO Index shows that:

  • Children’s reading skills have remained consistent over the past three years according to reading skills data from GL Assessment and Renaissance Learning. National curriculum reading scores declined from 2015-2016 owing to the introduction of the higher standard of the new national curriculum tests
  • Children’s levels of reading enjoyment (75%) and daily reading frequency (50%) are both lower than their levels of cognitive reading skills (85%)
  • Girls outperform boys in all areas of reading

The coalition is calling on the government to redouble efforts to improve children’s levels of reading enjoyment – a call which is further supported by a new research review from the coalition that surfaces the wealth of evidence linking high levels of reading enjoyment with better educational outcomes and improved life chances. The coalition will publish the ROGO Index every year to hold the nation to account for the reading levels of its children.


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