Help us change a child’s life story for International Literacy Day

04 Sep 2019
Early years boy with book

Sunday 8 September is International Literacy Day, organised by the UN. Each year, the day provides an opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved and what is still left to do. This International Literacy Day, we’re asking for your help and support.

Did you know that 1 in 8 disadvantaged children in the UK still don’t own a single book?

These children will be held back at every stage of their lives. They will struggle to do well in school or to find a job, and when they become parents won't be able to support their own child's learning - creating a vicious cycle of deprivation.


You could transform a child's life story with a donation of just £7, which could provide a disadvantaged child with their very first book to choose and to keep. If you make this a regular donation, you can put countless other children on the path to a brighter future.

Alternatively, text 'GIFTOFREADING 7' to 70085 to donate £7 to give the gift of reading.

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Post on social media about your favourite childhood book, and help raise awareness about the 1 in 8 disadvantaged children who do not have a book of their own.

Post a tweet or write your own post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram - we've put an example post below for you:

My favourite childhood book was [insert book title] - but 1 in 8 disadvantaged children will never get to experience the joy of getting lost in a good story. Text 'GIFTOFREADING 7' to 70085 to donate £7 to the @Literacy_Trust this #InternationalLiteracyDay.