My Commonwealth Story: Project Celebration

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Join us for a showcase of Birmingham Stories’ My Commonwealth Story project: A celebration event featuring talks and discussions from community organisations and individuals involved.

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Over the past six months, My Commonwealth Story has brought together Birmingham residents from different generations and backgrounds to reflect on what the Commonwealth, and any connection they might have with Commonwealth countries, means to them today.

The programme used Story Exchanges, closely guided workshops which encourage participants to share personal stories with someone they have just met; and then re-tell their partner’s story to the rest of the group in the first person. Originally developed by the charity Narrative 4, Story Exchanges are an established means of fostering empathy and understanding between diverse communities.

This celebration event will feature project leaders Professor Ruth Gilligan and Dr Kate Rumbold from the University of Birmingham; as well as the members and leaders of community organisations that participated in My Commonwealth Story.

The panel will share their experiences of taking part in story exchanges, and discuss insights into Birmingham’s cultural heritage that emerged along the way.

If you took part in the project, or are interested in holding a Story Exchange in your own community in the future, this is a perfect opportunity to find out more about how it works!

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